MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–issue one–pgs 2 and 3

pg 2

pg 2

pg 3

pg 3

     …To Be Continued…
   Yesterday I mentioned that I had to stop working on this issue for several months while the clown show was retooled, and as you read (Dan, Steve) I blamed the abortion on the drawing/character design.  While that is true, today as I was greytoning I remembered a second reason why I put issue one on hold long ago:
     The story had no ending.
     As you can see above, Fleming’s is trying to complete the perfect hotdish for a contest, but when I originally did this he was baking muffins. And that flyer about the contest Atlantis Lad has?–that was just a receipe for muffins. The story plays out exactly the same as you will read over the next few days, but I had forgotten when I stopped it was missing the last 2-3 pages–No ending.
    Fortunatly as I went back in to finish this months later I brought up my lack of a story resolution to my wife.  As it happens, the Northeast Minneapolis yearly HOTDISH REVOLUTION was on the horizon (http://www.hnia.org/?p=343) and she suggested switching the quest for the perfect muffins receipe to a quest for the “In-Your-Face” winning hotdish receipe.  Within seconds the ending was written in my head, and on paper shortly after that.  All that was left was to change any and all references to muffins.
    Inspiration comes from lots of places–and a wife is one of the best kinds!

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